4 thoughts on “Along the Ditch Road”

  1. Now that I have your url I will stop back and see more of your fine work. This piece is well done. Pastels are hard to control (for me anyway) and it looks like you knew just where to put each stroke.

  2. Hi, I stumbled across the pastel work on your website. Great stuff. I am a huge fan of pastel, particularly soft pastel. Even my digital work is influenced by it. Do you have a preference, soft or oil? Look forward to seeing more.

    1. Hi Nic, sorry, my comments were turned off and I didn’t know of your post. Thank you for your kind world. I’m strictly a soft pastel guy. Will hopefully have time to paint more this summer.

      1. Hi Ryan

        Thanks for the reply. I look forward to seeing more pastels. I’m still doing a lot myself and producing some for a show at CSG gallery at the end of the year. Love using them.

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